Communications consultant


I have always been observant and analytical, I like listening to people for a better understanding of social and cultural context. This is the reason why I embraced the power of words to convey ideas through independence, critical thinking and adaptability. I thrive well in multicultural environments.

Communication, project management and translation are my expertise with more than twenty years of professional background. In recent years, I have developed projects in different sectors such as Industrial, Environment, Retail, Distribution and Tourism as a strategic communication consultant. And I have experience as regional director in a multinational company which is leader in communication and strategic positioning. Previously I was director of communications in a public company at the regional level.

I believe in being involved in projects, I am a good team player and if the project requires it, I collaborate with other design, marketing or advertising professionals.

On a personal level, I am passionate about travelling, I like experiencing other cultures. I like to read both modern and classical authors allowing me to analyse how others interpreted the world. And I share my own feelings in my particular weblog.

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